Monday, October 12, 2009

happily ever after...

off to never never land
my friends joe and celia got married this weekend. i wish i had a ton of amazing photos to show you. but i didn't really get any. (aside from the one above, but even that was taken by bryan and not me.)
i am slowly losing the ability to effectively document the things i want to remember.

i became friends with joe years ago and i met celia through him. separately, they're pretty unbelievable. together, it's fucking ridiculous.
what no one tells you when you're young, what no one seems to understand, is that the best thing you can ever do is find the person that makes you want to be the best you possible. the one person that does not complete you, but complements you. enhances you. makes you shine bright right next to them.
i have watched joe find himself through his heart because of celia. i have watched them love each other for exactly who they are and where they are and i can say that i have been one of the lucky ones who stood in the middle of nowhere, right next to neverland, and witnessed the declaration of real love. it's gauzy, believe it or not. and it looks a whole lot like a sunset.


  1. So incredibly worded. Beautiful post, beautiful photo. Love it all.

  2. You're absolutely right about finding the person who makes you want to be your best and be who you truly are. Thanks for reminding me. :) Honestly, that's what you and your hubby seem like to me, but of course, I don't know you, outside of your blog. You guys just seem so...comfy, so right, and so committed. It is really special.

  3. Write a book already. Seriously. This is too beautiful.

  4. Wonderfully stated - all of us should be that fortunate to find that someone or have them find us. I think you have...and I am so glad. I love you. Mom

  5. I don't know how I feel about THE one, but I have found one of what I am assuming is a very, very few.
    And he certainly makes me want to be the best me. He inspires me.

  6. I didn't find that sunset until I was 38, closer to 39. This coming end of June will be 7 years. The amazing thing is I almost missed him and went back to the abuse I escaped from. From where I'm sitting 7 is pretty wonderous number. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. this is a beautiful post. well said. I see these images when I look back at old pictures of my hubby and I, pre-kid. I'm too enmeshed in our present to know if we look that way now. I hope so.

  8. Every part of this post is perfect...your writing is beautiful and tell Bryan I said his photo is freakin' awesome!!

  9. This brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I couldn't have said this any better...

    I found my 'sunset' when I was 36, and we're getting married in August. :)


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