Thursday, April 5, 2012

green grass

he told me today that his goal is to tell me he loves me every single day. you already do. he said he just wants to make sure.
i grew up with a mother who kissed me goodnight every single night. who always hugs hello and goodbye (even strangers. be forewarned.) and who told me that she loved me. multiple times a day. 
finn already knows the family joke. hey! finn! we say sternly, with a tone of serious business.
what? she will look sideways, through her hair at us.
i love you.
(deep sigh.)
i love you, too. i love your heart. (which might just be my favorite thing ever that she says.)
and she tells her baby brother that she loves him. out of nowhere. for no reason whatsoever.
and i think.
we're doing something right.
makes me feel like rolling down hills.


  1. You are one of my very favorites.

  2. I will always love our (your) family and I too will never stop saying it.

    Remember... I love you this much..


  3. You are so correct in how much this world has changed - i see families struggling every day around me and it is hard to say how it will turn out. Do your best, know you will make mistakes and that is all anyone can do.

  4. So sweet. There is a woman/friend that I work with. She is always yelling over her shoulder as she hustles down the hall..."I love your heart Sister." She's the only one I have ever heard say it. Now Finn :) I so want your mamma.


use your kind words.