Thursday, May 3, 2012

i wonder.

i think about my ancestors. madeline who married jacques in 1792. my maternal grandmother's side, if we're keeping track. i wonder if she used to lean more on one leg than the other when standing still. what made her cry? i wonder if they loved each other. if they fought. i wonder about her dreams. if they were in color, like mine.

bryan and i have been debating a question for a couple weeks now. if you had to make a choice, which would you rather give up: butter or chocolate?
we fell on different sides of the fence.

i wonder which madeline preferred.


  1. Interesting. If only we all wrote memoirs! My mother has decided to write hers. I know little of her hopes and dreams, although I've asked. And well....hard to have chocolate without butter. Seems to be a lot of butter in chocolate so you better keep them both!

  2. I love your photos and your words. Book-like.


  3. I vote chocolate......and now you've made me wonder about our ancestors too - amazing how much we take for granted that our ancestors may have had a totally different outlook on their lives and the everyday happenings. Actually, I've never thought about their emotions at the time, but it's an excellent thing to ponder - if only the photographs and pages could talk. I should try to get some more information from Grandma and Grandpa about their memories of their grandparents - and if they ever knew their great grandparents. I will do that the next time I go out, which is next weekend.

    As always, your words provoke deeper thoughts and brilliant word pictures - imagining that we're related - where you got all these awesome talents - wasn't from me but I'm so thankful you believe in sharing with the rest of us!

    Love you Kritter.

  4. YOUR pics are so fab! i just love them.

    and give up butter or chocolate?! WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT OF LIVING?!?! lol.


use your kind words.