Sunday, December 27, 2009

handmade christmas

we knew we would have to get creative this christmas. tight budgets and all. heads together, light bulbs.
santa is very creative when santa needs to be.

my mom and i found this very well-loved frame at a garage sale for five dollars. i was giddy. bryan was apprehensive. until he spent days scraping and sanding and painting with exquisite perfectionism.

the next step was my favorite part. if only life-size houses were so easy to decorate.


each wall and floor is covered in a mix of scrapbook paper, vintage street maps and luxury paper from feterie.

the kitchen wall is my own little homage to gourmet mag. le sigh.
the living room has a fireplace and a wall full of banjos with a fancy feterie floor.

a street map of los angeles and feterie "wallpaper" in one room and a rainbow wall with a mirror in the next.

for the attic:  gorgeous blue feterie floor, some shakespeare and stars.

welcome home family! your furniture should be here soon...

oh, look! here it is:
(yes, i bought the diy wood furniture. it was much, much cheaper and it won't matter if she breaks it)

christmas morning...

merry handmade!
oh, and here's the dj lance rock pillow i made for her as well.
because everyone needs a dj lance rock pillow.


  1. GET OUT! That is fantastic! And the DJ Lance Rock pillow????? WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY MOM?

  2. Beyond spectacular! I love this! Handmade rocks!

  3. Oh WOW! This is what Christmas is all about, personalized gifts from the heart. Love the house and I think the value on the market should be way higher than any other mass produced house you can get at your local Wallmart, kuddos to ya'!

  4. So flipping cute! I'm sure Finn is in heaven playing with her new doll house. What no room dedicated to your ole Sonoma days of grunge and Pearl Jam? I'm almost positive they make some kind of flannel printed scrapbook paper. :)

  5. What a great idea!!! I love the decor! You are brilliant! And it means so much more that you guys made it special just for her! ~Susan

  6. That is incredible. I want MY house to look like that. I am totally impressed with your design skills. I'm going to share this with my friend who writes a popular design blog, because I know she will love what you did here. Love it.

  7. It turned out better than I even imagined - and we've talked about this! You are a wonder, my little family and I love you so much!!!!!
    Mom (aka Mimi)

  8. A.MAZ.ING! I would love to get that gift, even now. Your daughter will have that forever and one day, you can sand it down and do it all again for her daughter. Love it!

  9. "Boy Crazy" sent me here... this is TO DIE FOR! I need to make one of these for my daughter! Kudos and thanks for the amazing inspiration!

    I love all of it.
    And DJ LANCE ROCK?!?!?


  11. LOVE it. Inspirational!!! You ROCK, Mama!!!!

  12. This is absolutely fabulous, Krista!! I love how you decorated it, and the fact that it is handmade with such love, makes it even more amazing.
    I had no idea there was DIY furniture for dollhouses!

  13. this is great! I am glad I found you via the brightside project.~aimee

  14. krista! what joy this is! and i adore the GOURMET kitchen. you are such a hip and loving mother!!

  15. That is awesome! Talk about enjoying something for years!

  16. My reply, copied and pasted, because I want you to know:
    Krista, thank you!!! I love your suggestions and am grateful for your comment! I especially love being acquainted, here on blogspot! I think you're an amazing person, truly.

  17. So creative and so perfect! Im so happy I found your blog! I have passed a Happy 101 award to you, please feel free to come check it out if you can.

  18. what a fabulous keepsake! so fun & creative, your child will treasure it. thanks for sharing!

  19. That is a GREAT present!! Happy New Year to you all, and may this year be your best yet!!

  20. Whoa....that is flippin AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    You are awesome parents!!! Great Xmas present!!

  21. Gah! I thought I had commented already.

    I absolutely love what you've done for Finn for Christmas. Like Petunia, I wish I could have had a mom like you.

    Gorgeous play house sweetie! Totally out of this world. (Hugs)Indigo

  22. I can not believe how awesome that doll house is. It is pure goodness and heart and love and you just are the most rockingest of all moms. Beyond, beyond.

  23. you did such a great job! i love it! i need to start yard sale-ing again. seriously.

  24. Wow! The house is gorgeous!!
    And the DJ Lance Rock pillow is awesome!! Since having nephews, Yo Gabba Gabba has become my favorite show on TV. Seriously!
    You are one cool mom!!


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