Sunday, January 3, 2010

fresh coffee this time

i kissed a much younger boy in my dream last night. i was single. lips like butterflies. whispers of touch. i thought i was as young as he until i saw my reflection in the window. i was grey, wrinkled, tan. i was sleeveless and a thrill ran through me realizing i was old and yet still confident enough in the appearance of my upper arms to bare them to all. i find it interesting that my greatest surprise lay in the vanity of youth. not in the fact that, deep in my subconscious, i clearly envision myself a cougar.

 i believe in new year's eve. i really do. i believe in it's fist-pumping overindulgence. i admire the glitter, even as it falls all over the floor and glorifies itself as the last tramp stamp of the season. i have always adhered to the idea that the new year begins on january the second. lately, however, i am bushy-tailed and full of energy on the first. more excited than christmas morning, dearsantapleasedon'tholditagainstme. the first of the year means something to me.

as hef told kendra when she left the mansion:
i love beginnings.


  1. Your dream made me grin. I think it is really neat that you like new beginnings, that's an awesome attitude to have. New beginnings scare me, they are another chance to fail. I think I need to take a page out of your book. :)

  2. pretty damn great hef quote i would say

  3. congratulations on your bsp work :) you are a lovely writer - your pieces always leave me in a thoughtful mood.

    hugs, susan

  4. I love beginnings too. Love 'em!

    "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - is one of my favorite song quotes.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I, too love beginnings. They feel me with such joy and anticipation. And your dream, wow! I wonder what it means? Most probably that you'll have a beautiful old age, living in the sun, surrounded by love.

  6. you had me until the ending.

    and then you really had me.

    xoxo. happy ten.

  7. This post made me smile. Happy new year Krista!

  8. I love beginnings too, my dear...Christmas was hard this year so I was ready for 2010 to just show up already.

    And yes, we will meet this year... I think some Porto's is in order...

  9. I love the writing of this piece - really captured your spirit of festivity and hope.. I love new beginnings too, and the fist-pumping wonder of anticipation. Happy New Year :)

  10. you are funny child
    all hopped up on sugar
    first new day of the year!
    keep the fervor.

  11. Isn't a fresh start the best? Happy New Year, friend. I hope it's amazing!


use your kind words.