Thursday, January 21, 2010

black and white and full of color

it just stopped raining and i sort of feel cheated.
yesterday, finn heard thunder for the first time.
her eyes got wide, she pointed at the window.
then she laughed.
and it filled my ribcage with ribbons and balloons.
today, susannah posted this video.
ribbons and balloons and hearts.
the stuff good soup is made of.
(although the soup i made this morning is full of far, far too many lentils. i suppose it's stew.
but it's still full of hope. and love.)

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.


  1. I love lentil soup & thunder & eyes wide in discovery.

  2. Isn't thunder fun? There you are in the cozy house, wrapped in love and delicious smells, while outside the clouds are clashing and dripping water everywhere. Love this post, Krista. And it particularly made me crave lentil soup.

  3. I was a bit sad when the rain stopped, too. But, then it came back!!
    I love this post. It makes me wonder what it would be like to experience everything for the first time, (That sounds crazy, but I won't delete it.)
    Maybe watching someone you love, someone who is a part of you, experience life's joys for the first time is even better. Yes, I'm sure it's better.
    I hope you and Finn enjoyed the rest of this amazing day!!

  4. Jack was not the biggest fan of the rain in New York when it was freezing and falling on his feet, which were the only part of him sticking out of the stroller as we frantically raced to the subway. Still, warm rain? Warm rain and thunder? Nothing makes me feel safer than being cocooned inside while it pours down all around the house.

  5. this video, or what i got out of it, pretty much sums up my week.

    you didn't post for two days and it seemed like forever.

  6. and it filled my ribcage with ribbons and balloons....perfect, simply perfect.

  7. This was lovely. It reminds me of myself this summer.

  8. the description of your rib cage is just beautiful!

  9. Krista, thanks for visiting me at When I Was your Age. Now, I get to follow your stories in the City of Angeles.

  10. Such a great post... thunder is so comforting to me. When I lived in New Hampshire and the thunder and lightening would really get going I would be safe inside my home and know that I was loved. To this day, I still feel that way.

    I can just imagine Finn's eyes getting huge - but good for her for not crying :)

  11. i've seen that video! it's wonderful.

  12. Not to sound all internet stalky freakaziod, but I love reading you.
    You're like a great big hug. Always. No matter what the subject matter.


use your kind words.