Thursday, February 4, 2010


we developed a roll of film that we took the first week we were dating. may of 2006.
do you remember that feeling you used to get when you dropped off your disc camera film at the tiny little photo hut and you waited the required three days with so much anxiety as though christmas morning might pop out of the envelopes once you pick them up?
when you get there, you notice that you just spent your allowance (oh, please, who am i kidding? i had a job by that point...) on one or two passable photos and the rest were over/under exposed, out of focus, entirely ridiculous. but you saved them anyway and cut them into bubble shapes, pasted into photo albums because it gave you the proof you needed to remember how much fun you thought you had.
it dawns on my that finn will, most likely, not know what it feels like to snap a photo and say: oohhh, i hope that turns out!
i can't even imagine doing that anymore.
maybe i will buy her an old 35 mm camera to play with. to develop the film. to wait patiently. perhaps even to put the film away in a corner of the house and not pull it out until three (almost four) years later and find something of yourself captured, a glance back into a time when you thought you were invincible. when being in love meant more than anything. when you realized your life would never be the same and you were happier than ever to look your new life directly in the eye and say:
yes, you. i'll take you.



  1. what a nice surprise I bet to see some of those forgotten pictures for the first.

    I have a roll from just after high school - maybe even from high school that I need to develop. the film is probably bad by now.

  2. Even with today's technology, I really do not do a good job with a camera. Give me an Idea and maybe I will paint it much better.

  3. i remember. thanks for the reminder.

  4. Oh yes! Krista you are amazing! I love the way you bring back memories of mine through the sharing of yours.

  5. So true. It was like a crap shoot with the photo film!

    I often think about things my kids will never experience - such as having to wait until Saturday morning at 6:30 am to catch their favorite cartoons. Now, with cable and tivo, they have everything at their finger tips.

    One more mom, bless her soul, takes pictures (old school with film and all) of all of her shoes. She then has it developed and then tapes the pictures on the outside of her shoe boxes so she knows which shoes are in what boxes. Smart, right? But I can't help what the guy that works in the film portion of Walgreens thinks whenever he develops my moms photos. He probably thinks she has a fetish of some sort.

    So good to "see" you again.

  6. This is beautiful writing. I found my way to you via Mackin Ink and I am so glad I did. You write so well and capture a nearly disappeared cultural phenomena. It makes me honestly sad that my daughter won't know this thrill. Even more, that she won't know the thrill of excitedly watching a Polaroid develop.

  7. so adorable, i almost can't even handle it.

    with love from pittsburgh,

  8. I remember those days. You took a chance - yet it was so much more. It was a memory. The old photo albums with the not so perfect shots. You look at those and a smile plays because, it really is as perfect as it gets.

    I love the idea of Finn having an old 35 that you develop for her. You have me wanting to learn to develop film. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. I love film SO MUCH MORE than digital. I don't care what they say about digital cameras, they don't compare to film. If you took that second photo with a digital camera it wouldn't be nearly as cool.

  10. So fun! That's the only thing I miss about a film camera, the surprises sometimes---but when you're getting paid to take someone's pictures sometimes surprises can be a bad thing! ;) Ps. You rock!

  11. How fun is that? I haven't developed a roll of film in years and years. Sigh. You're right. I miss wondering how the roll will turn out just a little bit.

  12. CUTE pictures! And what a lovely unexpected surprise :)


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