Monday, February 15, 2010

post processing

i suppose it's all about perspective.
a little over a week ago, finn fell on the hardwood floor. blood and fear dripped down and we have been dealing with the ramifications. an er trip on valentine's day because we feared her frenulum was stuck between her teeth. two doctors looked at her, perplexed. they didn't want to touch it. told us to visit a dentist, instead. phrases like "moving her teeth" and "possible stitches" bouncing off the divider curtains and echoing around the woman with the hurt leg across the way. today, a dentist visit.
no, no...she's fine. it's just swollen, you've done a good job taking care of her and she will be fine in another week.
the bleeding? normal with tissue trauma, apparently. i've also decided that 'tissue trauma' should be a band name. her resistance to eating, drinking, giving kisses, brushing her teeth...all normal.
there is nothing that helps anxiety more than an expert telling you that all is well and that you've done well.
that alone is worth whatever bill we end up with in the mail.

i am now the official weekend editor on the bright side project. i will be posting every friday, saturday and sunday. i will keep harassing you with reminders, because i really believe in what these ladies have started and it is an honor to be a part of it at all.

miss b is one half of the brains behind the bright side project and she also runs souvenir foto school. i've signed up because the focus is not necessarily on learning the basics of photography, but on finding your eye and listening to your creative voice. this mini (6 week) session is free and is still open until next sunday.
i am in love with taking pictures. but i have a problem calling myself a photographer of any kind. labels i've punched into my skin, tags dangling from the clearance rack.
i define myself sometimes without a care in the world for how it might make me feel.
sometimes it's all about perspective.


  1. THAT
    is a beautiful shot.

    Labels suck.

    And of course, last but not least, I hope Finn is well.


  2. Hearing about Finn made my face hurt. Hope she heals fast. I'm heading to the Bright Side now to win me some stuff :)

  3. Yes, Tissue Trauma. Please, may I be the drummer? I always wanted to flip sweaty hair while swatting at cymbals. Poor Finn. Hope healing is speedy.

  4. It really annoys me when doctors think they know about teeth. I have two in my family and they annoy me to no end. Hope Finn heals quick.

  5. :( I'm glad that Finn seems to be nerve-racking as a mother. And I have to ask, as your friend - that I am hope there is no guilt or feeling of responsibility on your end.

    Your photographs are beautiful. If you have a camera and take photographs you are a photographer because that is what you are doing. Sometimes I think that we put such value on money that unless we're getting paid to do something, we hesitate to call ourselves such. Just because you do not get paid to take photographs does not mean you are not a photographer... or a poet, an actress, a are whatever you do for the love of it.

  6. Poor little Finn. Those moments and the ones that follow are terrifying. Both of my boys have had croup this week and I've made myself sick worrying and checking and loving. It makes you appreciate your parents so much, doesn't it?

  7. It's so hard when you can't take on the physical or psychic pain of your loved ones, I know I surely would (I feel like I can handle a lot more or maybe I am just co-dependent?) I am glad she is feeling better:)

    I had a writing teacher that told me simply--'a writer is one who writes', so it's okay to call yourself a writer if that's what you do. I take photo's, lots and lots of photo's so I suppose that makes me a photographer as well. After six weeks of taking lots and lots of photo's I think we can call you a photographer too! It's not so much a label but descriptive of what you do, which doesn't make up all of you. You see simple. You are just you.

  8. I totally agree with Miss B and take pictures so you are a photographer and your pictures are beautiful. Do I think everyone who takes pictures should charge money to take other people's pictures? HELL TO THE NO! I see some of these people that are getting paid and it makes me vurp in my mouth. Yep, vurp. It's that bad really. Sometimes when you enjoy something, it should just be for you but some people want to run out and make money at every single thing they are good at...even when they are not that good at it. Eh...I'm long winded's the short version...You + camera = beautiful photos = me being happy to view them. Finn getting hurt = sucky crap that shouldn't happen.

  9. Ouch!! Poor Finn! But um...isn't the frenulum part of the penis? I think, but I could be wrong. I'm probably wrong, lol, but I'm too lazy to google it. And the photo is GORGEOUS, as is all of Finn's artwork! I totally love your thoughts on labels, you make me feel all warm and happy. Much love, S

  10. Congrats on the new weekend gig - all those WINS paid off in more ways than one!! Let me also say, you are not the only one who misses Maui Krista from time to time... glad you could revisit yourself again.


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