Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the bright side project via petunia face = the road from there to here

 i have to thank susannah for my initial introduction the the bright side project.
(truth be told, i have to thank susannah for just plain being susannah, but that is neither here nor there. it's actually everywhere. but it's still not the point of this story.)

after winning quite a few prizes myself (each one more surprising than the last because, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, i am not a "lucky" person), i offered up my services when a call was put out for some volunteers to help with writing posts. taking myself out of the running for the amazing prizes doesn't hurt. not even a little. (okay, maybe a little sometimes but again, NOT the point of the story.)

being the weekend editor (aka 'honorary ambassador of sunshine') at the bsp is a point of great pride to me. it's not just another blog, not just another product push, not just another gimmick or fad. miss b is an inspiration because she cares enough about the good to make it happen. she believes in what she does and she operates from a place of pure intention.
working with miss b and miss lindsey is a highlight in my week.
is it possible to have crushes on ladies you've never actually met?
yes. the answer is yes.

now that i think about it. i have a bit of a crush on susannah as well. maybe she IS the point of the story after all.


  1. I'm glad to have met you via blog and in turn the Bright side which I've passed along to others! I'm not holding my breath to win anything with 258 comments per post but hey who knows?! Kudos to you and all who support the site!

  2. Oh Krista! What a way to wake up this morning... and right back at ya' on the crush. I am so happy when I see a new post of yours in my Reader :)

  3. Oooh, weekend editor! Yay! That's a prize in and of itself - lucky you, indeed! :) Congrats, Krista!

  4. Huge congratulations, Krista! You have a good friend in Susannah, but just so you know, you are major talent yourself.


use your kind words.