Friday, April 9, 2010

pollen and head games

sometime in this last little phase of me, i've become a person who sneezes, sighs with exasperation and says with a shrug:  'allergies.' i accidentally roofied myself with an antihistamine last week and spent the evening worrying about what i would do if a strange man broke in finn's window and tried to carry her away. would i react with bear-like aggression and stand on my haunches with claws bared, violence bleeding into love or would i stand in a puddle, screaming in paralysis?
that night i dreamt of the dodgers and hot tubs and american idol. because i am, apparently, the living combination of pop culture and over the counter medication swallowed with a spoonful of crime drama.



  1. Oh dear Krista. Aren't we all? We clamp down on ourselves with the drama of a thousand CSI's in a Hell's Kitchen. But in truth...we're all doing the best we can and supporting each other in this anonymous sphere. We all been roofied, one way or another. And would die for Finn, antihistamines and all.

  2. I don't know... That combination sounds pretty awesome to me...

  3. Ha! I'm sorry. But as messed as you are, you're terribly entertaining. You're a culmination of all. I think you might need just a little detox.

    Be well.

  4. ride the antihistamine wave...

    allergies are awful. we haven't had the full pollen outbreak yet, but it's coming.

  5. I found this funny because I'm like that too. I cannot take any medication for fear that someone would break in and take off with my babies and I'd be helpless. My husband finds it silly, but I don't care, I'd rather suffer whatever ailment.
    I get horrible allergies as well. Someone suggested that I eat local honey, a teaspoon a day for ten days to rid myself of allergies. I didn't believe them, yet it worked. You might want to give that a try.

  6. Allergies are the worst. I have yet to find anything that really works and leaves me with a semi clear head! Mine got way worse when I was pregnant (both times) and there was barely anything I could take. I hear you...
    Be well!

  7. Okay, for me that was a laugh, tho i am sure you did not enjoy it, Sadly I have been there with the allergy issue, ugh! Soon over?

  8. I'm strange enough upstairs, without roofying myself to delusional hell. I can imagine that must of been one hell of a head trip.

    In hindsight every once in awhile I need to take Bronkaide. It helps clear up my lungs from time to time due to the Emphysema and oh hell, I swear I'm on speed. So I get you. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. I swear, no matter what you pour out over here, be it brief or pages of poetry, I love reading what you write. You have a way, my dear.

    feel better. xo


  10. Gotta go with Indigo on this sober and uninfluenced mind is already such a landfill of pop culture trash and news junk that I'm not sure my dreams differ much from yours...and I don't have any medicine to blame!

  11. This is fucked up but I totally get it.

    Stop watching CSI, 48 Hours, Crime Scene Investigates. I will too.

    (no i won't)

  12. Allergies are THE WORST! Mine are really bad these days, too. Ugh!

  13. That last sentence is hilarious.

    Got allergies? Try hookworms!

  14. Ha - accidently roofied myself. Sometimes I want to just get through a night by purposefully roofying myself.

    Allergies suck. Nothing ever really completely works. And why does it take 7-10 days to see if a medicine works?? I hate allergies.


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