Friday, May 21, 2010

in the end of may

yesterday was four years.

we both almost forgot. not because we don't care but because we aren't counting. every single day, bryan tells me he loves me. or i tell him. we always kiss each other goodbye. we makes plans and talk about the future and we've worked through so much of the past that it now seems ludicrous to think we almost didn't end up here.
she is the best of each of us rolled up into one tiny little human. the horribly off key singing from me. the food pickiness from him. we found out i was pregnant right after our one year anniversary. we had been living together for a month.
she chose us. and we're doing our best to be worthy of her.
i love you, biscuit. four years and counting.


  1. *grin* This is really awesome and I love it a lot. :) You guys are beautiful. All 3 of you. Sending you lots of love! ~Susan

  2. Love that you're not counting.
    Makes a world of difference...

  3. To be worthy of them...I've that one stuck in my craw tonight.

    She is beautiful. You all are. Happy fourth, just a little late.


  4. oh happy anniversary to two wonderful people!!

  5. Happy belated anniversary!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I don't count either, and it drives my husband crazy! : )

  7. How beautiful you both are, and what a masterpiece you've created in that little sweetheart. Best wishes for an eternity together, overflowing with love.

  8. that last picture is fantastic. You are so stinkin' cute. Happy anniversary to you two.

    xo elizabeth

  9. Awwwww... Happy birthday to your little one. Happy, happy birthday!


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