Sunday, June 13, 2010


i had a reaction.
to something.
maybe it was all in my mind.

friday morning, i wake and get dressed for work. a couple red bumps on each forearm, itchy and warm. one on my neck. my cheek.
at lunch i spend far, far too much time on google. i am convinced:  bedbugs. when i get home from work, i turn into a tweaker, scouring the corners of the mattress with intention. searching for things that i cannot see but have convinced myself exist. i spend hours at the laundromat. i clean everything.
i go to bed with the lights on and do not sleep. every half hour i thrown the sheets open and look for something. nothing.. pure white cotton, freshly exfoliated skin.
i finally fall asleep at five am. wake up at six with the baby. i feel strange.
i look in the mirror and simultaneously gasp and exhale. i am dressed in a suit of hives, barely a patch of me untouched.
at least its not bugs, i think.
i wake bryan up and he sort of inches his way out the door, to the drugstore. i am shaking and an aveeno bath does not help.
finn points at me and says 'boo boo.'
i sleep most of saturday.
today i look like me again.
i had a reaction to something.
an allergy.
but maybe it was all in my mind and my body took the fall.
i went for a long walk with the baby today. out in the sunshine.
i feel better already.


  1. yikes! hope you are feeling better. could be stress - I've broken out in hives once and then a week later it was a breakout of tiny blood blisters on my toes and fingertips because of the craziness of that time.

    benadryl was my friend.

    I do hope it was an easy to pinpoint allergy for you.

  2. Sunshine + time = all better every time


  3. Yuck! Sounds miserable. And definitely sounds like an allergic reaction. Hope it's the last one!

  4. Oh that's awful...
    Glad it's getting better.

  5. Scary- must be something you ate like pineapple or mango or something like that! Glad that you're better now! Love the skirt on the gal!

  6. Glad you're feeling better, hon. And I'll feed you sweets when you insist you're not hungry whenever you want ;)

  7. that is scary. it is possibly related to your recent anxiety...hives are a common physical reaction to suppressed anxiety. feel better. xo

  8. Aaaaaaagh! I had a bed bug scare a few months ago - living in a New York apartment, that's SUPER terrifying (terrifying anywhere). Glad we're in the clear, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. That is so weird, Krista. I hope you're feeling better. Yuck!

  10. I had that happen to me once. It was scary and itchy and I thought I was losing my mind.


use your kind words.