Monday, August 30, 2010

happy birthday

if i could go back in time, i would babysit my mom as a child. i would braid her hair and i would take her to the ocean, the mountains, the drive in. i would hug her tight when she skinned her knees and i would laugh when she jumped in the mud, splattering designs all over the canvas of her world.
i would introduce her to music and i would read books with her and i would make her toast and ginger ale when she is sick. i would tell her i love her every single day and i would stop everything i was doing to listen to her stories. (except, of course, when i'm on the phone. because we all know we don't interrupt our parents when they're on the phone.)
i would stretch my arms out as wide as possible and tell her:
i love you thhhiiiiiiiiiiiiisss much. and she would try her hardest to hold her arms wider and wider and i would let her win.
i would treat her as a child much the same as she treated me.
because she sure knew how to do it right.

happy birthday to the little girl who grew up to become my mother.

i think she's pretty amazing.


  1. Such a lovely thought! I did a similar post about my mom the other day. There's something magic about imagining your mother in her youth..

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous photos.
    Happy Birthday your Mum!

  3. What a delightful post! Happy birthday to your mom.

  4. happy birthday krista's mom!

  5. Happy birthday!
    (You look so much alike!)

  6. I've never met your mother, but I've gotten to know her daughter quite well. And...she has to be the most amazing human being to help you grow into the woman you've become.

    Happy Birthday Krista's Mom!
    Any chance your adopting? (winks)

  7. Are these not the most gorgeous photos ever?

    Shit. And sentiments. Forward and reverse.


  8. Kritter, I'm sorry I didn't get to read this on Monday - but I would have been so blessed to have you as my Mother. We both know how I was raised - and I vowed to raise you just the opposite - and through pure luck and a smidge of wisdom on my part, you became the most amazing woman. There must have been an angel shadowing us forever because things could have turned out differently. Whatever the reason, thank you for the most beautiful birthday tribute a mother ever received. I am so blessed that you chose to be MY daughter and let me be your mother forever in yours and your family's life. Thank you for letting me win with wider arms because I've always loved you more than I can reach and I always will. Now that you have Finn, you understand. Isn't it just so wonderful and frightening and profound all at the same time? And you, with your inner beauty, share with your family and your world of friends, all these profound words, blogs, posts, pictures, art and love. We are truly blessed. I love you. Mom

  9. Awwww, I hope your mom had a great birthday!
    Great pics!! What a cutie!
    I'm sure she is just as adorable now! :)

  10. Oh gosh. Your post brought tears to my eyes and your mom's comment made me sob. Happy birthday, Barbi - you have a delightful daughter!

  11. Wow, Krista. Goosebumps. And your mom is right - you do bless us all with the art and heart you share. xoxo


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