Saturday, October 29, 2011

coffee and avocados

i've been dreaming. airplanes with bedrooms. laying in bed with a nursing baby and we hit turbulence and i think oh, crap. we aren't strapped in. my subconscious got into a fight with john mayer at dusk. he yelled at me because i didn't like his music and he thought we were supposed to be friends. i told him if he wanted a groupie, he should look in the alley. as his friend, i wouldn't mind some blues now and then but if anybody's body was going to be a wonderland...and i can't remember how i ended that sentence but i know it was witty and worthwhile. and i wonder why i can't even document the perfect comeback. even though it sits in my memory. my barbs. they are fly fishing and don't usually catch anything. but it's not about the end result, is it?
is it cliche to ask you if you've ever thought of the right thing to say but the right moment already passed? is it cliche to ask you questions when i don't even know who is reading this? (except mom. hi mom.) it's a bit passive aggressive, yes? or expected. at the very least it is unoriginal.
i write emails to a dead friend on facebook. whenever he pops into my head. sometimes they are angry emails. sometimes not. a part of me wonders if he is reading them. like maybe there is an internet cafe somewhere between here and where your lungs explode if you're not wearing a suit and he is sitting there, smelling like roses and smoking a cigar. i wonder if he gets to drink coffee while he reads. this sounds crazy, i know. but i grew two human beings inside myself and i am supposed to accept that without worry.
my daughter fell asleep in the car on the way home from school yesterday. when we got home, i undid her carseat buckle and her head rolled over my way. mommy? my shoes are just fine. have a good weekend.
it's saturday and i'm going to eat avocado. i am going to drink coffee. i am going to dream about people i don't know or ever think about in real life and i'm going to email a few dead people.
i'm going to have a good weekend.
because my shoes are just fine.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, just thought I'd let you know...!

  2. I was just talking about dreams tonight. Love this. That looks delicious.


  3. I love you Krista. What else is there to say. I wish we were real life friends because I would love you harder than I can here. I would love you wider than this narrow stream allows. I would smush my nose into the cheeks of your children and irritate your husband with my big sis actions. I just love you. Okay. Enough of that.

    I am thinking about my favorite movie again...."You've Got Mail" and the scene where she talks about wanting to say just the right barb at the moment she means to say it.

    It wasn't what she thought. It didn't feel all that good, nor should it.

    Hey, I have that same tile in my kitchen! And as I remember it, we have some of the same red stuff too!


  4. Hi Kritter - I don't read this just because you're my daughter (ok, that's a lie) but I truly enjoy your way of driving the words down that verbal highway, leaving billboards of pictures along the way.

    The barbs - I think we all think of them, some are better at delivery than others, whether it's the actual words themselves, or uttering them at the right time - and then there are those of us who are a day late and $2 short - the instance asking for a retort is long past, the person is no longer around to receive them and the words are totally out of context now. That's when I think of them so my darts never draw blood from the proper targets. Phooey. Oh well........

    I will say, that picture made my mouth water and it's 8:00 in the morning!!! Alas, I'm at work and no avocado, no bread, so will make do with oatmeal and craisins - pretending I'm sharing avocado on toast with you on a Saturday morning.

    I love you Kritter - hugs to everyone and Happy Halloween!! Mom

  5. speaking or writing to the dead is just fine. and so is eating avocado. i won't join you in the coffee thing (HURL! that taste! but i do love tea), but i am with you on everything else.


use your kind words.