Wednesday, November 2, 2011

tuesday morning - just write

the candy fairy stopped by last night. took a look at finn's basket of halloween loot and decided it warranted a very special present. a strawberry shortcake doll, to be precise. because my little princess loving girly girl is newly obsessed with strawberry shortcake. perhaps i encourage it because i smell that artificial strawberry scent wafting off the plastic doll parts and i feel like i am a little girl with op shorts and stacked multi-colored sandals riding my bike in circles around the parked cars in the cul de sac we used to live in. i am knocking door to door selling girl scout cookies, enough to win the regional contest and they take my picture for the paper but i'm mostly excited about the ginormous chocolate easter bunny they gave me. less excited about the lily that stands taller than my head when i hold it. but i remember my mom exclaiming how beautiful it was.
finn got the hang of trick or treating this year. would stand and sift through the baskets of candy at each door and choose one piece that she loved. they would tell her she could take one more. how about two more? they would giggle and tell her she was adorable. thank you, she said, her hands full of chocolate. she ended up with a bucket that weighed about 10 pounds and would have kept going if we hadn't called it quits. the next morning we carefully laid out her loot and organized it and she picked out her favorite pieces. all non-chocolate pieces were cut in the first round. i learned two things from this exchange:
she trusts us when we tell her things.
she is a malicious negotiator.
whoever said that taking candy from a baby was easy didn't have a three year old with a sweet tooth.

~just write~


  1. the candy fairy was awesome when our girl was younger and she was always down to trade the sweets for a treat. :)

  2. That's my girl!!! Strawberry Shortcake - such a trip back in time. I'm so sorry to have missed this Halloween with y'all - having to work is for the birds!!!!

    I love reading the trips down memory lane of your childhood - most of my memories of those times are dust bunnies in this old brain but when you mention them, come out to play again. I had forgotten about the Easter lily - they are always so beautiful (but not to a what- 8 year old??). And you had to sell all those cookies - being Cookie Chairman had me stacking hundreds of boxes in the living room and I wanted them out of there - ha ha.

    As for the chocolate - Finn comes by that naturally - tell her Mimi still keeps chocolate in her desk at work for snacks.

    Give my Muffinn a huge hug and tell her Mimi is glad she had so much fun on Halloween.

    Love you, Mom & Mimi

  3. Wow. I remember Strawberry Shortcake so clearly too - my brother melted Strawberry Shortcake's plastic kitty onto my lamp in my bedroom and it smelled like fake plastic strawberries for months - and this post makes me miss trick or treating :)

    You write so beautifully. I hope when Finn is older you give her all these posts, like diary entries, and you can show her how loved she was.

  4. Oh yes. The Strawberry Shortcake smell!
    And i loved this--I felt right there in the story and I love that.

  5. i'm just a little too old to have experienced the strawberry shortcake phenomenon -- but i have no doubt that i would have fallen head over heels for her.

    bonne bell lip gloss, anyone? :)


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