Thursday, November 24, 2011

the best laid plans

we spent the holiday at home. just the four of us. bryan and i cooked all day long. everything from scratch. from start to finish. spending the morning at the beach put us a little behind schedule.
i had grand plans for dinner. one by one talking about what we are thankful for. candles and holding hands and taking a moment to pause for thanks before eating. but we don't have any candles in the house and i couldn't get finn to even sit in her seat like a normal human being much less pose for a kind and gentle photo.
it was less of an event and more like a weeknight dinner that took too long to make.
tonight, we finished the leftovers. smiled and gave thanks and laughed and talked. it felt more like thanksgiving than thanksgiving itself. i didn't take any photos of dinner tonight.
but i will remember it. and i am thankful.


  1. I think that's the thing with holidays; we make these big plans and put so much stress on ourselves that it never really happens the way we wish it would... But sounds like you still had a great weekend :-)

  2. ahhh, memories, happy thanksgiving to you and your family from us up north here in Canada.

  3. Sounds perfect! It's really an all weekend event and I also love the next day the best! beautiful shots btw.

  4. ! how i have lived this.

    there is no staging life or thanks, is there?

    i love this post. i love how you've laid it out, as well, the tiny photos, the moments, the nuances to any life, that which we should be thankful for.


  5. I love the photo collage. Kinda crazy and haphazard, which most holidays are. It's perfect!

  6. All these holidays are, for me, more about the memories and family, especially now that I don't cook the big meals anymore. But in the end, food is just food, it's who you share it with that matters most. We all love your pictures since they're not "posed" with the smile that really says "I'd rather be anywhere but here" and I love that in this day and age, you have always believed in the true meaning of Thanksgiving. You, Krista, are my Thanksgiving and your family is my Christmas. I love you.

  7. This post is perfect - holidays never are.

  8. You never know when Thanksgiving will come, but it always does. :)

  9. oh and this one made me cry. it's all so hard and beautiful at the same time, isn't it?


use your kind words.