Monday, December 19, 2011

love. thumbs up.

driving in the car, listening to the radio. or music. whatever. she will pick words out of the air and ask me how to spell it. i sound out the syllables, ask her what letter makes that sound. slowly make our way through word after word. i hear myself explaining how the 'c' and the 'k' sometimes make the same sound.
yes, mommy. but sometimes they don't.
she likes to practice her letters. she will ask us to dictate the spelling of words to her and she will write them out, noticing how the certain letters strung together make a garland of words that mean one thing and sometimes another. she is a gust of wind away from reading. i can see it rounding the corner. like a large bristled broom moving letters haphazardly into a pile. pretty soon she'll be able to look at that pile, leaves in the bottom of a cup, and see stories.
until then, i will always answer when she asks me how to spell love.

and thumbs up.


  1. Can I get her her first journal? She's going to need one soon, I think - just like her Mommy.
    So proud - as I know you must be. I can see her with her books, totally absorbed into the world of words, devouring each and every page with the enthusiasm of the young and unspoiled, non-cynic. This apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to her thirst for knowledge - I'm so glad she's joining your family's "book club" and I can't wait until she can read me story at bedtime!!!!!
    Love you. Mom

  2. What a great analogy of learning to read. Alphabet soup. Tea leaves. Yes...they come alive and have so many tales to tell. Love. Thumbs up! I want that on a T-shirt.

  3. So lovely. And thank you for your comment yesterday - I am now following your Pinterest board, and loving it. Those s'mores bars look AMAZING. Thank you!!

  4. It's so fun to watch them learn, grabbing things out of the air sometimes and working it others. With my daughter's delays I can literally watch the wheels turn at times and it is a fascinating thing. Altho she has great difficulty reading above a 2nd grade level she adores books- yeah for book lovers!

  5. She's a mini you, Krista! Beautiful, caring and intelligent.


use your kind words.