Monday, January 30, 2012


my dad turned 75 this weekend. although that's not technically true. because his birthday is tomorrow. there was a huge party and lots of food and the largest number of retired detectives i've ever seen in one place. i heard vague references about my dad's life as a cop and i forget sometimes that he wasn't always closer to the end than the beginning and i think that maybe there was a moment that afternoon where he forgot why he was there and i can only imagine him looking out at this sea of old, familiar faces and wondering where the time went. was it in the yellow ballon? or did the blue one hold the years, weighted down. he held my kids, his two youngest grandchildren and i felt eighteen for a minute. a feather of an adult, preening for him.
he has parkinson's. it is aging him faster than normal wear and tear.
i am my father's youngest child. by years. he still calls me his 'baby' and i still soak it in when he says it and smile. and i float in the sunlight near the ceiling.


  1. I remember my dad's 75th three years ago. He is aging quickly also, and it seems the years are rushing him towards the grave. I wish he took better care of himself, but that ship has long since sailed. I love that photo Krista!

  2. This is bitter-sweet for me, as I was also my father's 'baby' so I know that "floating in the sunlight near the ceiling" feeling but sadly, my dad never made it to 75.

  3. my dad has been gone now for four years...i too was the baby. He was 88 when he left this world, he was still driving, he was still living on his own, he was my dad and i luv him so. i would give anything to spend just one more day.

  4. My Dad made it to 90... he never really took care of himself... just good genes, I suppose. I do miss him so... as I do my Mom. One of the most traumatic days in my Life was when I lost my last parent, and by definition, became an orphan.

    I wasn't the baby, but I was my Dad's 'favorite'... much to the chagrin of the others... but I think it happened by default. I never caused any trouble... stuff like that...



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