Sunday, January 22, 2012

the words. they are restless.

my words are all restless right now. i feel them, dancing around issues and knocking over glasses but i can't seem to get them to explain to me why they are here in the first place and why they won't just sit down. in alphabetical order. i feel that if i pluck one of them from the back of my head, a story might sprout. but i just tried it and all of these other words were attached to the space between and i couldn't untangle them so i put them in the pile of christmas tree lights that haven't quite made it to their proper storage space. i have observations about my daughter's new habit of throwing a fit at bedtime, my son's newly developed ability to eat mashed bananas and avocado. the fact that i have a daughter and a son in the first place makes me feel like writing letters to strangers. but these words. they just won't stop circling around. they will not gather themselves together. so i'll just let them rest. less.


  1. (((the fact that i have a daughter and a son in the first place makes me feel like writing letters to strangers.)))

    somehow this speaks to questions i am asking myself. imagine that, this piece without words. maybe we shouldn't be looking for words. maybe we should be looking beyond words. but somehow, miraculously, i hear you.


  2. "the words. they are restless." They are - like crows in constant flight who dive for baubles (bits of me), and I wonder why that piece shone more than another. Words are strange, intimidating, crude creatures. Yet, they hold some kind of secret always beyond my fingertips. A thing of beauty just beyond my reach. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Love these photos. Especially of her rubbing her eyes. So sweet :-)

  4. These photos are very inspiring to me right now. I am on a writing strike by accident, but maybe should get out my camera instead.


  5. Krista,

    Often when the words don't make sense, the pictures more than make up for it.

    I had a similar experience my self last week.

  6. I find that lately I am always missing words. I say things I don't mean to, I don't say things I should. I get stuck trying to think of the exact word I'm looking for but end up just losing track of what I was going to say after that word anyway...
    Maybe it's something in the air affecting us all.
    Great pictures!!

  7. I think when words do fail us (or maybe we fail them? dunno. Too much pressure in that last sentence) then images serve us just fine. And your images are, much like your words, downright perfect.

    1. That photo of your daughter with hands up and eyes closed is GENIUS. Pinning.


use your kind words.