Tuesday, January 1, 2013


new year's day. the push and pull of more and less. more exercise. less excess. more intention. less frivolity. i suppose my next sentence should contain something about how such platitudes are the very reason imbalance reigns but i can't help it. i love the idea. i love starting fresh. i love new calendars hung in the cupboard in the kitchen. 


  1. And I love your new header. Happy New Year!

  2. Great book y'all are reading there. I gave my 8 year old granddaughter a little Kindle for her birthday on Christmas Eve and the first book she downloaded all on her own was "The Daring Book for Girls". She told me, "Grammy, this book is super awesome because it's filled with FACTS!!!!" She made my day. The greatest thing you can give a child next to love is the joy of reading.

  3. Me, too. Starting fresh. Over. Onward.

  4. I do love the fresh start - and this picture.


use your kind words.