Wednesday, January 2, 2013


flap your butterfly wings and slither like a snake. and then the free dance where you ask the teacher to play the nutcracker so that you can do your own moves. and i'm not sure how you know the nutcracker so well because we have never really watched it. those classical music and poetry dvds from the library seem to have done their trick on you because i hear you recite things i studied in college and i couldn't remember the words. 
there are babies going to be born soon, in the family. there is cancer. there are other people dying. words like hospice are hovering around in the air and i think (again) about how we end and i look at the calendar and wonder exactly what i will be wearing on august 6th of this year because it seems so far away and's not. i just found photos of me from one year ago and i was wearing the exact same outfit i had on. funny. kind of sad. 
baby girl, you are a wonder. with your absolute conviction that the world is a place where gold boots and a tutu are the right outfit for the occasion.
no matter the occasion. cause if i'm going to find myself wearing the same outfit years in a row, i should at least look half as fabulous as you.


  1. No words for how envious I am of that outfit. I want it and I would wear it everyday. Inside my own house.

  2. You take the most warm and inviting photos. They always draw when I'm walking down a dark street and I see light filtering through a drawn shade. It seems so homey, so welcoming. Two is a good age. I just spent 3 days with my 5 year old niece who says, "god damnit" and "asshole". Sigh.

    Hey, I'm going to be in Simi Valley in a couple weeks, maybe heading into North Hollywood also. Is that near you? Let me know if you're up for a coffee and I'll try to work it into my babysitting schedule :) No pressure!

  3. I agree with Wine and Words -- your photos are so beautiful --


use your kind words.