Thursday, January 10, 2013


i rarely wear jewelry anymore, except my engagement ring. i never take it off but bryan tells me i'm not supposed to cook with my ring on. not if i'm going to mix things with my hands. but i do it anyway. i'm terrified that if i take it off, i will inevitably lose it. even though i am not the type of person who loses things, as a general rule.

i had a bit of the blues today. what i like to call the 'hmphs.' we all have them, yes? days when leaving the house seems absolutely insurmountable. (if you don't have those days, don't tell me. on days like this, part of my sanity rests firmly in the ideas that we're all in this pile of nonsense together.) at one point, finn said to me 'yeah. i don't understand what that means. but i do GET it.' this had nothing to do with my mental health but felt oddly on point. you know, as a general rule.


  1. I love going out, but there are times that I have to stay in my pj's and watch old movies while drowning myself in hot chocolate and all-the-crap-I-can-eat-in-an-hour, not answering the phone, not talking to anyone, maybe having a good cry at a stupid commercial (it must be the hormone imbalance) and begging to be left alone to wallow in whatever blue funk I'm in. So I can't explain it either, but I GET it. We Hobson/Knott/Kulisch women GET it.

    Love you.


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