Saturday, January 12, 2013


there are little phrases and things that the kids do that i'm going to forget. so i try to write them down as often as i can but sometimes these little normal ordinary things become so, well, ordinary that writing them down feels self-indulgent, redundant.
until i realize that some time has passed and that cute little phrase is nowhere to be found.
i'm reading joan didion in bed at night and it is colder in los angeles than i can ever remember. sleeping in sweaters type of cold. tonight i wasted time on the internet watching youtube videos and reading about tragedies great and small. and it struck me that donuts are generally considered a normal breakfast food but seem an odd choice for dessert.
i took a nap with dash today and bryan and finn let me. that's love. at one point this afternoon, bryan was explaining albinism to finn and when she asked about the eyesight he said people with albinism had a hard time seeing. you mean it's all blary? that's what she says: bla-ry. not 'blurry.' when she says it i think of loud drums and car horns. i wrapped that little phrase in my head and tucked it under my hair while i napped. thinking about joan didion and ordinary days.

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  1. writing them down is the only way to remember. when you reach my age and hereonout i will need those written words to refresh my memory banks and i know they will seem brand new each time. please be self-indulgent and redundant with these truly not-so-ordinary things.


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