Sunday, January 13, 2013


things happened and we ran errands and discussed plans for the backyard come spring. we ate some food and watched a little football. naps and diapers and battles over vegetables. some family members came to visit and brought bagels and donuts. (see: battles over vegetables.) i wore tights and swept up leaves with bryan. 
today dash said his first word: da-da. and he runs like drunk e.t. and hits corners while he giggles. da-da! da-da! and he kisses bryan's lips and touches bryan's beard. 
today was milestones and heath bar crunch ice cream. beards and snow white on the keyboard.

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  1. oh my---i'm so sorry to have missed that milestone. can't wait to bring donuts and hear and watch the little man shout his da-da!!!!
    love you


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