Tuesday, January 15, 2013


i'd like to blame the cold weather, but let's be honest: i have reached an age where once i am home, i wear only comfortable clothes. it's oddly reassuring and yet troubling to be so cliche.
in the last week, i read an entire novel, watched a foreign language film, made an inedible dinner that ended up in the trash, failed to shower daily, heard myself say what did i JUST say? far more often than i should have. i made plans for the future, followed through on some things, let some other things go. 
it's only wednesday.

my son said 'mmmma' today. and it was totally enough.


  1. That photo... gorgeous light.
    (yay for mmmma!)

  2. this is beautiful. i love the way you measure out your week.


use your kind words.