Monday, January 14, 2013


it has been in the 30s and 40s the last few nights. this means people in los angeles are doing one of two things. they are commenting on the weather or they are commenting on all of the people commenting on the weather. i am doing both. 

i had a dream that dash's head was buried in the sand by another kid at a birthday party. i pulled him out and he wasn't breathing but he opened one eye. i had to actually get out of bed to see that he was there in order to make sure it really was just a dream. there was a moment, right before i opened the bedroom door, where i knew, for certain, that i had no fucking clue what was real and what wasn't. it only lasted half a second, maybe less, but it was there. and i have never felt so terrified and filled with hope. because i just plain didn't know. 

i do know one thing: ice cream tastes better in cold weather.

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  1. I hate those dreams---until you can prove for sure it was just a dream.

    And ice cream in cold weather? I've always thought it was better in cold plus is that it doesn't melt so fast!!!

    Love you.


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