Thursday, January 17, 2013


we took a tour of finn's kindergarten today. her kindergarten where she will start school in seven months. seven. months. i feel, all of a sudden, like there are a ton of projects i need to bookmark on pinterest in order to be prepared for the transition.
after checking out the classrooms, we walked to the corner donut shop. we went to the library. we ate lunch. and i paused for a moment to think that never again will today happen. that soon, these little days of ours that can sometimes feel insurmountable and neverending are, in actuality, finite.

more often than not, bryan and i scrounge for dinner after the kids are in bed. he gets home around the time the kids take a bath, after they've eaten. and lately, i cannot get it together to create a full sit down dinner for us. i make a quick dinner for the kids and either eat with them or eat random weird crap while i'm making their food. like tonight? i ate club crackers with cream cheese and cranberry compote. i mean, what the fuck kind of dinner is that? dash smeared mashed potatoes everywhere and threw his brussel sprouts on the floor. finn ate her brussel sprouts but pitched a fit when i told her she had to finish her chicken meatballs before she could have crackers.

i wonder sometimes if i possess the ability to have any kind of conversation that really does anything. do you ever feel like that? like your voice is somehow the same octave as the wind and your words are little threads of nonsense tangled up in your fingers? surely there is a pinterest board for this.


  1. No pinterest board, but that wind has been whooshing through for tens of thousands of years.

    I adore the photo. I might pin it.

  2. My favorite quote about parenting, the most true I've ever read is "the days are long, but the years are so short."

  3. Little days that are yet so huge. My Frieda started 'big school' this week, I hear you ...


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