Sunday, January 20, 2013

19 & 20

i had a funk in me the size of california today. as in, crawl back in bed and make no decisions regarding home decor, haircuts, tattoos, shopping kind of funk. i wanted to give in, really i did. instead, i kept my date with an internet friend to meet since she was in town. 
i surprised myself, really. because meeting someone in real life that you have only ever spoken to online is a daunting prospect. maybe they aren't who you thought they would be. maybe i am not at all what they expect. maybe they are going to think i am a fucking nonsensical twit. 
you have those people in your life, don't you? the ones whose facebook/instagram/twitter profiles make them seem like witty and intelligent style icons with the coolest adventures ever. when in reality....they are batshit crazy. and desperate. and sad. 
i suprised myself because this fear (that i would be the batshit crazy, desperate, and sad person in someone's eyes) would usually be enough to keep me pinned to my couch in my worn out sweatpants watching a hoarders marathon. 
but i didn't succomb. i showered. i put on makeup. i got dressed. and i met annie. a one hour lunch turned into three hours. and it was...perfect.
i came home to find b and the kids in the backyard. my mom had taken finn to the toy store to shop for her (almost!) birthday and she was bedecked in princess jewelry and the sweet happy that comes from spending time with mimi. we played in the dirt then fed the kids and gave them baths before my father in law came over to babysit, handing us movie tickets and money for popcorn.

funk. officially. gone.


  1. An "almost not happening" day into a perfect day - can't ask for much more!!!

    Loved taking my Muffinn shopping---forgot to tell you she ssked me why I call her Muffinn - I told her that when we first brought her home I saw her and said she was my little Muffinn - and I've called her that ever since. She said "Oh, little Muffinn Finn" - so I guess it's ok --- I wondered when she might ask.

    Love you!

  2. i was fortunate that most of the people i started blogging with lived in town and we used to meet up my world view (and following) expanded to many other states and countries, i do not hope to see them personally, but i still count them all as friends. And a friend will always remove a funk!

  3. Well now you know who the batshit crazy one is between the two of us :) It was an awesome three hours! I like you WAY more than your internet persona, and I liked that one a WHOLE LOT. I like you way more than my imagination of you, and I liked that a bunch! You are beautiful Krista :) Next time, feel free to come as you are...old sweats and funk!

  4. I am jealous of anyone who gets to talk to you for three hours at lunch!


use your kind words.