Sunday, March 24, 2013

pure gold

yesterday was an afternoon/early evening with a friend we haven't seen in a long time. fancy cheese, crusty bread, chilled chardonnay. both kids running around, wreaking havoc and taking names. my 19 month old ate fistfuls of truffled gouda and i envisioned him a culinary genius, opening his own restaurant and saving a table in the kitchen for his parents. maybe he just likes to eat cheese, though.
for whatever reason, someone spelled out S-O-U-L in conversation. and the five year old, she piped in and said 'that spells soul!' we stopped and blinked. her first time figuring out a word without looking at the letters. she has been reading for weeks now but this? this was different. b was so excited her gave her a handful of chocolate chips. chocolate is gold in this household, folks. pure gold.

and the firsts? they just keep on coming.

you don't mind if i come and go from here, right? if i sometimes back away into a corner and let my words stack on top of each other, collecting dust and webs. i didn't think so.


  1. I don't mind. It makes the coming here all the sweeter.

  2. whenever you stop on by is alright by me. xo

  3. I do the same rise and retreat. The living has become more important than capturing the living. I do believe there are firsts every day. I receive an e-news letter called "Second Firsts" :) And there are so many more after that. I look for those firsts in my own growth steps so I can pat myself on the back and say "YES! Do more of that!!!!"

  4. your writing is welcome daily, monthly, yearly.....each time the jewels called letters that you put into words and stories and sharing with us... we are so rich because of this.

    and my muffinn--- she's a genius and i love how she astounds us with her ways of revealing this!!!

    goodness i love this family so much --- and dash better have a place for mimi reserved in his restaurant too!!!


  5. Fine with me. Sounds like a momentous occasion!

  6. Your sweet boy is on to something with that truffled Gouda. It's not a taste any kid I know likes.
    I just love how you record your daily moments. I could read them all day and never get tired.

  7. Isn't it the most heart-pumpingly exciting thing when your child starts to read?? Yes - pure gold!


use your kind words.