Thursday, April 4, 2013

words like pebbles. like clay.

it is grey this morning and i'm on pause. i rolled up my to do list like a relic and sealed it with wax. i mean, bills are paid. deadlines are still there. but today we have no school. no doctors appointments. no house repairs. today my biggest decision is whether or not to go to the botanical gardens or the zoo. i mean, i don't like the zoo. never have. but my kids love it. then i wonder what i am teaching them if i take them there and act like a day spent watching animals in cages is fun. so there is that.
botanical gardens it is.

one of the producers of the show i am doing in may interviewed me and i felt...important. i read the article and made a cup of coffee, stared at the grounds thinking there was purpose to everything and that i sounded intelligent and like i knew where i was going on life. i had three day dirty hair and slept in pajamas on my skin but i still stood straighter and thought today i'll drink my coffee black.

my writing has been neglected lately. i have even started dreaming in script form again. this happens to me when i stop writing. my mind screams at me while i'm sleeping, throwing words like pebbles on a glassy lake. no. more like potter's clay on a spinning wheel. only, i'm not aware enough to catch it so it melts in slow motion and dries in corners. one of these days i will shape them, glaze them, fire them. i just hope they still have enough shape to hold the space.

do you ever notice how there are people in your life who will offer you a drink of water when you didn't even realize yourself that you were thirsty? relyn wrote me an email asking if would guest post on her blog and i didn't hesitate. not for a second. i know a gift when i see one. my post is up today. much more like a pebble. much more like a glassy lake.


  1. I'm so glad Relyn introduced me to you. Your writing is beautiful. You capture thoughts and moments perfectly.

  2. I love you. Just can't help myself. Your wonderfulness is catching and I really wish you were my mother.

  3. You would be so fortunate Wine and Words, to have Krista as your mother.. imagine my pride in saying she is my daughter...and Elizabeth and Robyn, she indeed radiates peace, warmth and shares her ability and artistic genius with us-----we are the fortunate recipients.

    And yes, Krista, I love you T-H-I-S much!!!! ----------<3-----------


  4. Loved the guest post (and this one)! Your writing is beautiful as ever and seems so effortless. I remember you saying before that you don't go back and edit, it just comes out how we read it. Is that still true?

  5. yep, shannon. totally true. that's why there are sometimes so many grammatical errors and varying points of view in my writing. my blog is my free write.


use your kind words.