Saturday, March 6, 2010

saturday morning

my teeth feel like they're not mine these days somehow. my mouth and lips move as they are supposed to but i look in the mirror at myself while brushing and dress rehearsal smiles back. do people with veneers feel this way? as though their smile is rented or borrowed and a tad bit off? i'm wondering if veneers would feel more like me. fake it till you make it, so to speak.

we're on goldfish number three.
i killed archie. water additives forgotten, left waiting on the counter after scrubbing away the algae and she suffocated by the next morning. i would like to think her time had already come, but the weight of life on my shoulders dripped down between my ribs and i knew the blame was mine.
bennie wasn't here long. she had big eyes and i think she took it too literally when i told her to look into the light. i merely meant the natural light from the window.
charlie. number three. she eats like you wouldn't believe. and she's still here. swimming in circles, forgetting each lap.



  1. Oh my. And that photo too. Just the tailend, a glimpse. A glimpse of you. You alright? Is it all settling itself out with you back to work? Smile, smile in the mirror. No, forget the mirror. Just smile.


  2. Love the pics friend, so beautiful!

  3. I don't know how the owners of the veneers feel, but I know that I can always tell and it usually wigs me out. Almost as much as big, stiff, perfectly spherical, fake breasts.

  4. my mom always felt bad with the fish too. it happened too from time to time.

    love the composition on the fish shot - so intriguing

  5. Lovely pictures. Lovely. And lovely post, as always.

  6. Charlie will be here for as long as she wants. Sometimes nothing to do with you or the way you clean/don't clean the bowl - we went through so many goldfish and turtles when I was young - I almost ran out of names. At least you didn't let your Mom's parakeet fly away while changing the paper in the bottom of the cage - the guilt.....sigh. You're a great caretaker = even if the goldfish don't know how to say thanks without croaking first. smile sweetie - we love you and your pictures! And congrats on surviving the first week of work - that's the biggest hurdle. xxoo Mom

  7. Lovely images, Krista. Don't blame yourself girl. That's life. Besides, fish die all the time. Short life span and all that.
    And teeth too, but unlike fish the reason usually is poor care. Which is the only reason to get veneers if one can afford them.

  8. Fish are quite fragil, in most habitats. Teeth are fragil too; they need so much care and work so hard. They can't be ignored!

    Love your pictures.

  9. The temporary life of goldfish. Round and round the bowl. But once...once I had such a fish who jumped, escaped she her death.

    Wow, that was morbid, but true. Sorry. Just my mood I guess. ((Hugs)) Krista. Hope you're ok.

  10. This is a little horrid of me to share, but if it makes you feel any better....

    When I was a kid, I accidentally killed our parakeet. A PARAKEET! (isn't that much worse? i tripped and kneeled on his back while trying to show him off to our new foreign exchange student. it was horrible.)

    Anyway, shit happens my friend and sadly, we have to deal with it. So sorry for the angst/regret/guilt. I hope the new job is going well for you....

    xo elizabeth


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