Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i would like a do-over

this past week was an all out fail.
there was the night i threw up so violently that i broke a ton of blood vessels in my face .
then when had to cancel finn's third birthday party at the last minute because of rain. yes, i know, those of you not in southern california do not care about my whining that it has rained one day this entire month. but has been 75 degrees and sunny since new year's day and it decided to pour rain for the entire day i planned an outdoor party at the park for my three year old? the day after, it was sunny again. and i didn't have a backup plan because our house is not conducive to having a ton of people over. (issues with neighbors who don't like noise.)
i made rainbow cupcakes for her party. spent almost an hour piping different layers into the cupcake liners so that it would be a "rainbow cupcake" and not a nasty tie-dye cupcake. (yes, i understand fully the irony of worrying about nastiness while making cupcakes full of food coloring.) after baking, it looked like a hippie convention exploded in my oven. layered cupcake fail. although i brought them to my coworkers and was told they were delicious. silver lining.
finn is super sick. borderline "going to the er" sick for a couple of days there. her doctor says she does not have meningitis or pneumonia which i assume was said to assuage our fears but did not help when i was sleeping in her toddler bed with her because she was crying and screaming in her sleep.
(fyi- toddler beds are small.)
at one point, she sat up in bed while i rubbed her back and she pointed at my stomach. in between her crying and fever moaning, she said:
i have a baby brother or sister in there.
yes, you do.
yeah, because you have a baby in your belly.

perhaps not so much of a fail after all.


  1. Well, that'll teach me to be behind on blog posts. I read those last few sentences.... read them again... wait, what?! Krista is pregnant?! When did that happen?! Did she post about it?

    Yes, yes she did. You're just an idiot who's behind on reading your blogs.

    (Thanks for participating in this conversation I had with myself, makes me feel less crazy.)

    Love you, girl. You never fail, ever. Even when things don't go as planned, doesn't mean they're failures.

  2. Woah! Wait, I missed the part where you announced you are pregnant! Congratulations!! When are you due? Damn, I am a bad blog reader. I hope you're feeling well. And I hope sweet Finn is on the mend. Such a sad thought that she was up at night screaming...little bug:(

  3. January seems to have been sort of shitty all around... I for one am over it and ready for February. I hope Finn is better soon, it's never nice to see little ones hurting.

  4. Awww.... is there anything more stressful than a sick kid? You could have all of our snow if you want! Hugs- it will get better. There is this nasty coughing thing that is going around that takes weeks to get rid of- yecchh!
    That cupcake thing sounds like a I Love Lucy scene- giggle (sorry) :)

  5. Everyone deserves a mulligan now and then. Not sure the exact rules in I HATE the game, but I think you just yell "Mulligan" and the do-over is yours! Well...that's the way it should go anyway. Sorry about the party. Sweet you. Sweet Finn.

  6. You've had some stink bad luck when it comes to celebrations lately. Just plain sucks. But bright side, celebratory days are a minority. They only come a few times a year! So, even when they're blown, hey, mundane days are everywhere! hey, hey. Wonderful, eh?

    Just kidding. You all get well and celebrate every day - with cupcakes! Ya, with cupcakes.


  7. Shew. Rough.
    Hope you're all on the mend.

  8. The cupcakes were scrumptious and very festive!! The rain - well, we could have done without that - even going out for a bite to eat was messy - too bad you were so sick afterwards, but I did enjoy playing with Finn while you took a nap. Love you!
    xxoo and big hugs MOM
    PS - Lynn said to tell you he loved the cupcakes - he ate 2!!!

  9. Oh, hon. I'm sorry. Rough stuff, all around. Big hug.

    My husband is coming to your part of the planet this weekend. I was thinking how fun it would be if I was coming along and we could have breakfast somewhere. (Not sure why I'm picturing a breakfast date, but that's what comes to mind...)

  10. Oh I remember this so well, maybe too well. I also remember how good it felt to round that bend. You are on your way. :)


  11. oh gosh i'm sorry. really sick kids are one of the top hardest things about childhood mothering. hang in there. xo

  12. I've been away for a little while. I think that's the first I've heard of your news. Congratulations. Hope Finn is better soon. So sorry about her party.


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